On behalf of the City of Paynesville, I would like to welcome you to our beautiful green city.  Paynesville is a wonderful place to live, work and play.

Established as a township in 1872, Paynesville is a suburb located east of the capital city of Monrovia, Liberia.  Paynesville later became a city on July 4, 1975. Despite being a suburb, it is geographically larger than the city of Monrovia with a population of 347,000 and is currently expanding.

Our great city has so much to offer its residents and guests.  Paynesville is home to the largest commercial area in the country, the Red Light Market District, where all goods sold in the greater Monrovia area are brought in and distributed.

This market area is the work place and home to over 30,000.  Also located in Paynesville is the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex, the largest stadium in the country and the historical beach resort build by Robert L. Johnson, the RLJ Kendeja Resort.  Paynesville is home to several major factories, such Coca Cola, AquaLife (water), and Ritco (liquor).  

With the longest municipal shoreline and large untouched land spaces in close proximity to the nations capital, Paynesville can potentially be the next industrialized city, which can change the national economy.  As we know industrialization brings job, grows the population, and in turn increases development. With a large residential area and lower land prices, the majority of those employed in downtown Monrovia reside in Paynesville.

We are also proud of our community and family-oriented atmosphere, filled with over 350,000 citizens who care. Please visit this website often and be sure to check out our media center from time to time with periodic updates about the latest updates in Paynesville.

The entire site is updated regularly to keep everyone informed year round of important events and the many recreational and social opportunities that are available for all to enjoy!

Mayor Cyvette Gibson