Born on December 2, 1974, Gibson is the tenth (10th) Mayor of Paynesville, a city with a growing population of over 347,000 residents and over 300 city employees.  Mayor Gibson has been a community advocate for many years, both as a government official and as a private citizen.

Before ascending as Acting Mayor, Gibson served as Chief of Office for the capital city of Monrovia under the administration of then Mayor Hon. Mary T. Broh.  As the Chief of Office, Madame Gibson, with the MCC team, successful accomplished transforming the nation’s capital from a city of debris to an immaculate metropolitan.

While at the Monrovia City office, Gibson was instrumental in progressive programs such as the installation of portable toilets and demolition of dilapidated buildings left abandoned and bullet-ridden after the 14-year civil war; the re-enactment of City Ordinance Number One, originally passed in 1975 under the Tolbert administration and revised in 1988 under the Doe administration; Introduced a parking ticketing system; Enforced city ordinances to the letter; the Presidential Proclamation for First Saturday to ensure that Monrovia was clean at all times, renovation of the City Hall, implementation of the Emergency Monrovia Urban Sanitation  Project, establishment of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project, erected the MCC Patio, networked the MCC Financial system, created data base to capture revenue/municipal taxes, developed additional city departments and services, vetted new City Police and employed over 300 casual laborers and acquired waste removal equipment.     

Since becoming Mayor, she has accomplished the following:  Established sister city relationship with the City of Paynesville, Minnesota (USA) and the City of Bagcilar, Istanbul (Turkey); Implemented the City Ordinances; Implemented The City Beautification Project to help improve the image of the city; Completed the ELWA Junction Beautification Project which curve the pollution and littering at the gateway of Liberia; Secured Compacting Trucks and garbage bins from TIKA of Istanbul to empower the city on improving waste and sanitation within the municipality;  Provided training to drivers working within the municipality to be able to operate the compact trucks; Transformed the Red-Light District, the largest commercial district, by implementing and enforcing the waste management system; Employ over 50 people in the Red-light district who mans the area 24 hours a day; Successfully kept Tubman Boulevard, the major roadway leading into the capital city clean; Prevented illegal dumping of waste in various areas; Provided communities with legal garbage disposal point;  Constructed fruit and vegetable stands throughout the city to empowered local market women to have a habitable area to sell their goods; Construction of water pumps and community latrines in communities; Established “Buy Your Dirt Stations” to lower the cost of the city daily waste collection and directly create opportunities for marginalized citizens to make a daily income; Enforced First Saturdays Clean-up in the city to encourage citizens participation in cleaning the city; Implemented a progressive accounting management system for accountability and transparency, which has help to increase the city revenue; Renovated the building and grounds of the Paynesville City Corporation; Established new departments in the Corporation (i.e., Environmental Health, City Planning, Community Services, Youth Focal Person, Special Projects and the Public Relations); Created Employee Handbook and a Human Resources Handbook; Created Job Description for all employees in the Corporation; Collaborated with Coca-Cola Liberia to create employment opportunities for 60 unemployed women; Conceptualized project for the youth of the city to create sustainable employment; Closing the gap on prostitution ranks in the city; Prevented illegal erection of structures in the city; Cleared alleyways by demolishing illegally built structures in main alleyway; Conceptualized the Paynesville Mapping Project, to create a cohesive mailing system, street names, and create a systematic approach for collecting taxes; Due to the lack of Playgrounds in the Municipality, Conceptualized a Parks and Recreation Act to preserve the natural and cultural resources and values of the park system in the City of Paynesville; Enforced the zoning ordinances of Paynesville to help segregate land use, and limit the density of development on each parcel of land;  Created activities for children such as movie night, back to school, mentoring and volunteering programs.

Her love for community involvement has been evident through her previous service as a volunteer in various capacities on International Women’s Colloquium Secretariat, Liberian Girls Organization, The Angie Brooks International Center, and several local community outreach programs.    

Mayor Gibson has received many honors for her leadership skills and commitment to diversity.  She was recognized in 2013 as the “Best Mayor of Year” by the Progressive Alliance of Liberia.

She has also received 2014 Awards from the Paynesville Youth for Education and Development for Financial and Moral support given to the Young people of Paynesville.

Mayor Gibson attended the College of NW London and over the past 17 years, she has worked professionally in women’s empowerment, legal and city administration in Liberia and the United States.  Mayor Gibson motto “Maintaining the Green” has restored the City of Paynesville to a clean environment.

Lastly, all of what has been achieved has been nothing short of an example of determination, vision, hard work, dedication and commitment and the results of striving for excellence with innovative responses to challenges.
Upon assumption of her posting as Acting Mayor, Ms. Gibson met $29.00 in the bank account of the Paynesville City Corporation. Since then, her budget in 2012/2013 was USD$150,000.00 and USD$510,000.00 for the 2013/2014 fiscal year. Not much, it will be agreed to accomplish all that she had.
Hers has clearly been an example par excellence of “Doing more with less” and as such, is nothing short of an inspiration and model for other Emergent Leadership following in her footsteps – for some as young as she to have already begun to leave her “footprints” in the sands of time, it is hoped that her trajectory and her hard work will prove a challenge for many others to emulate.
This is critical as we build the new Liberia, such that each of our Emergent Leadership contributes to nation-building thereby adding to what those before us, (many of whom have gone to the Great Beyond) have done and thus justifying their being a true Liberian patriot.

Recall here the definition of what constitutes and gives validity to being a Liberian as defined at the beginning of this publication by the Liberian Institute for “Growing” Patriotism.
Indeed, Mayor Gibson’s contribution poses a challenge to all of Liberia’s Emergent Leadership to follow suit and make real to each and every one of you the following extract from our national anthem: “In union strong success is sure we cannot fail!”