Completion of second Beautification Project at Duport Road Triangle:  The Paynesville City Corporation completed its second Beautification Project at the Duport Road intersection.  The Paynesville City Beautification Project was created to enhance the beauty in communities while increasing community pride. The project includes the renovation of parks and the rendering of the ELWA and now the Duport Road Junctions. Our core belief is that beauty is a silent but powerful force that has proven to be an effective method for making communities safer, healthier and more livable.

Completion of the A. B. Tolbert Motorcycle Hub: The first Motorcycle (Pehn Pehn) Hub was completed in November 2015.  The hub located at A.B. Tolbert Road will relocate commercial motorcycle riders from the ELWA Junction, thereby promoting the free flow of traffic and creating a safe and clean environment.  The A.B. Tolbert Motorcycle Hub will provide a reliable and organized environment for over one hundred-fifty (150) “pehn pephn drivers and countless passengers. The goal of the Motorcycle (Pehn Pehn) Hub Project is to construct several hubs throughout the City that will provides a safe and organized shelter for commercial motorcycle riders.  Each hub will consist of assigned parking, hand washing stations, garbage cans, and latrines.

Successful implementation of Operation Stop Ebola:  Operation Stop Ebola was a community base awareness campaign in collaboration with UNICEF to fight the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).  The campaign utilized over 250 community leaders to collect EVD data, promote sensitization awareness about the EVD and how to stop it. Hygiene materials and hand-washing stations were implemented in all communities.

Establishment of the Solid Waste Management Department: The Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) was established to provide solid waste services to citizens of Paynesville through the collection and disposal of discarded material a manner that is safe, efficient, environmentally sound and cost- effective.  To date, the department has implemented the following:  

Launching of the SWMD door to door waste collection program,
Installation of public garbage cans at various locations in the City. The locations were determined based on accessibility of the trucks and the ability to secure garbage cans, and
Completion of construction of two (2) waste containment sites in Zubah Town and Cowfield communities

Construction and Management of Public Latrines:  The Paynesville City Corporation in partnership with Global Communities (GC) constructed three (3) public latrines in S.K.D, Weh Town (RedLight), and Town Hall communities.  The three (3) latrines is currently management by the Paynesville City Corporation.  

OMEGA Village Project:  Since acquiring the Omega Village Project, the City Corporation has found several investors who have express interest in the 452 acres of land reserved for the development of an urban mixed-used commercial clustered.  Ghanaian real estate developer, Devtraco Limited, expressed an interest in the project and paid a visit to the Liberia in October 2015.  In addition to meeting with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the trip resulted in the touring of the Omega village as well as several meetings with key government agencies such as Ministry of Public Work, National Investment Commission, and NASSCORP.

UNICEF U-Report:  The Paynesville City Corporation in partnership with UNICEF launched the innovation U-Report Project.  U-Report is a platform, which provide a constructive dialogue that allowed young Liberians to speak out about what’s happening in their communities and work together with community government and local government for positive change.  Through this project, PCC was able to provide employment opportunity for over 180 Paynesville youths for three (3) months.  

Hosted 2nd Annual Health Fair:  The Paynesville City Corporation hosted its 2nd annual Health Fair.  The goal of the health fair was to continue sensitization on EVD and provide free health care services for residents ranging from malaria testing to GBV counseling.  PCC partnered with over 50 community-based healthcare providers who granted free screenings and intervention to our residents.

Forex Bureau:  PCC collaborated with the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) in an effort to assist street moneychangers in Paynesville in transitioning from the informal to formal sector.   PCC hosted several meetings with CBL and street moneychangers of ELWA Junction, which resulted in the establishment of thirty (30) street moneychangers collaborating to form two (2) corporations.  PCC will continue to assist the moneychangers by providing land space for the construction of a Forex Bureau.  In addition, PCC will provide legal counsel to the moneychangers in legalizing their businesses.  The long term goal of this project is to ensure all street moneychangers become authorized moneychangers under the CBL Forex Bureaus.

Training of Environmental Health Director and Sanitation Director in Water and Sanitation Master Class at Municipal Institute of Learning in Durban, South Africa.
The City of Paynesville has partnered with Cities Alliance to help build capacity.  Cities Alliances sponsored four (4) employees to attend the Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE) in Durban South Africa for sanitation and city revenue management classes.

Introduction of the Payne Family Educational Series:  The Payne Family Educational Series is a series of activities which shows national solidarity, appreciation of cultural diversity, and the reinforcement of health and safety measures to all citizens of Paynesville using the characters inspired by Liberia’s Pigmy Hippo. The fictional family, consist of five (5) members: the mother (Nmuna Payne), the father (Boikai Payne), two daughters (Lorpu Payne & Wyiata Payne) and a son (Gamayu Payne).  

The City partnered with Accountability Lab to create murals using the characters of the Payne Family to promote good hygiene, sanitation, and accountability messages.  The first mural will be created on the walls of the SKD Stadium.